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Digital President


Michael Reese

Sales, Marketing, and learning have always fueled Michael passion for business, strategy, and entrepreneurs themselves. He is a seeker of truth and what's working today. Early on, he understood the different points of view and desires of others and he could help them achieve their goals. He has worked with the living legends of online and offline marketing as well as some of the largest digital marketing agencies in the world. He has travelled extensively creating assets and building funnels that made him part of the fabric of the online marketing community. Years writing copy, speaking, and engineering campaigns for SAAS, authors, professional service providers, and marketers make him a knowledgeable strategist, known for getting results and solving problems - from start to finish.

Woods Davis

As a brand architect, Woods has always been motivated by that which is entrepreneurial. It began with sales and marketing and quickly grew into multiple multi-million dollar businesses across three different industries. Over the past 10 years Woods has carved out a career by carefully crafting consumer-facing brands and leveraging automated marketing methods to grow them fast. The process of optimization is what defines him. Whether it’s running an ultra marathon or producing a million dollar marketing funnel, Woods enjoys setting big goals and reverse engineering the plan to hit them. Woods’s broad skillset allows him to empathize with many different types of entrepreneurs. He prides himself in his commitment to true principles and the strategies that flow out of them.